Proprietary Charting Algorithm For Trading FX, CFDs, Cryptos


What is the Amazing Trader?

The Amazing Trader (AT) delivers proprietary chart levels to your charts in real-time. One look at the program in action will show you why it is called “AMAZING”.

The Amazing Trader Puts You in Charge

We feel strongly that the only way to succeed over the long run is for every trader to take control of his or her trading decisions. In this regard, The Amazing Trader puts you in charge.
Through its proprietary charting algo, The Amazing Trader uncovers trading opportunities and provides users with strategies designed specifically to trade them. If your goal is to look for ways to find high probability trades you have come to the right place.
In addition, using its built-in risk management tool to execute trades and applying its strategy, AT users have a blueprint to build equity in their accounts.
To sum up, you control the risk. You control your trading decisions. The Amazing Trader provides you with the tools, training, support and strategies you need to trade.


Jay is a veteran foreign exchange trader with experience in all aspects of the business. This includes Interbank FX trader and chief dealer of the Singapore branch of a US Bank; co-managed a dealing room for a commodity company, fund manager, author, consultant, independent trader, co-founder of, the oldest forex discussion site on the web. Jay is the creator of The Amazing Trader (AT) algorithm and trading guide.


Michael is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience trading in the foreign exchange market. Michael was the founder and principal of a foreign exchange introducing broker and has held series 3 & 34 licenses with the National Futures Association as well as series 7 & 66 licenses with Finra. Michael is the creator of The Amazing Trader risk management program.