The Amazing Trader Community

Join hosts and company founders Michael Weissman and Jay Meisler as they demonstrate the power of The Amazing Trader charting and risk management program. See how the program works exactly the same on fx, commodities, stock market indices, and crypto-currencies. We’ll analyze the markets through the eyes of The Amazing Trader, show you how to identify what we consider to be high-probability trading opportunities, take questions, and possibly even do some trades on our own account. Great for swing and day traders- novice to experienced!

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8AM-10AM Eastern US & Canada

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Prop Trader Prep – It Takes Money To Make Money!

Passing a prop trader audition is a daunting challenge and can test the nerves and skills of even the best traders. In this webinar we will take you through the real truth about how these programs really work and how The Amazing Trader can help prepare you to pass your audition. Join us and find out how! All traders from novice to experienced will benefit from this program

July 19th  8AM-9AM Eastern

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Everything you need to trade in one program

Amazing Trader Charting Algo

  • Dynamic lines form patterns
  • Only 3 strategies to learn
  • Works under all market conditions
  • Works with FX, Cryptos, Metals and Indices
  • Easy installation on MT4

Built-in Risk Management

  • Turn on/off at trader’s discretion
  • Adjustable to individual preferences
  • 1 Click order setup with position size, stop and take profit
  • Designed to maximize AT strategies
  • Professional approach for retail traders

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